Create a connected educator community with Salesforce Education Cloud

Become a connected Campus

Education Cloud connects not only prospects, current students and engaged alumni. It is also an education community for parents, corporate partners, external advisors and professors. Basically, everyone that can be connected to a University or a College. Empower your recruitment and admissions, learner services, evaluations, and operations teams with one integrated CRM for higher education.

Faculties and students, classrooms and labs are all part of a community. A community is working together to accommodate quality education for better and sustainable future. Education Cloud is a tool that will help you nurture such a community. In short, it will give you solutions that are fast, agile and accurate. Furthermore, it will help you predict behaviour, anticipate needs and personalise the experience for every individual. Finally, it will integrate all your education tools, information from across your institution, insights and best practices from a global community of educators.

With Education Cloud, recruiters will be able to follow up on events to reach out and engage with ideal applicants. That can happen through a triggered campaign within a customer journey in Journey Builder. Additionally, prospects have access to communities that are digital experience platforms to drive discussion and engagement. From there, prospects can also can also send their application.

Once prospects become students, service teams will be able to proactively support them throughout their learning journey. Here, students will have access to communities that will provide them with information and tools to be successful. Moreover, they will be able to directly talk to their advisors through a chatter.

Education Cloud also allows engaged alumni and donors drive stronger constituent engagement by integrating volunteer opportunities, impactful alumni stories, giving and payment processing in one place. With that being said, Education Cloud gives you a 360 degrees view of every learner, fostering one relationship at a time.

Customer Success Story – UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell, University of Massachusetts Lowell, formed a Solution Center to be able to track the interactions with students, helping them with concerns and give them better experience. Using Salesforce, the University created a CRM to track student interactions, moving cases along, and getting a 360-degree look at each student who seeks assistance through the Solution Center.

Community Cloud

Lear more how you can build digital CRM experiences with Community Cloud.

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