With Salesforce Health Cloud you can deliver better care

Improve communication with patients and collaboration between care teams with Health Cloud

With Health Cloud you will put your patient at the heart of every decision. With a 360-degree view of a patient, care teams will be able to offer personalized experiences. In that way, all communication and help will be based on the patients’ needs and preferences. Moreover, care teams will get access to AI-powered recommendations. That will help them to automate their workflows. Finally, patients will be able to easily self-educate and apply for patient support programs.

With Health Cloud, healthcare teams will be able to collaborate from a single point of engagement for all patient’s data. Every caregiver will have the ability to access all patient data within an EMR. In such a way, it will allow the caregiver to service the patient with the best tools available. Moreover, Health Cloud licenses are an add-on to Salesforce Service Cloud and provide capabilities such as Omni-channel routing or Live Agent. With that being enabled, care teams will respond quickly and accurately from any channel.

Health Cloud elevates the patients experience in many ways. One of the purposes is to eliminate the data silos and giving every member of the care team access to the same medical record. That will reduce the risk of human error and give better care. Moreover, it will save time for the care giver to look for information. Additionally, with the ability of integrating corporate apps, patients will be able to for example apply for support programs directly from their phone. Furthermore, you can provide your patients with reminders or recommendations for treatments.

Deliver customer care with Salesforce Health Cloud

Use cases for investing in Health Cloud are many. Since the tool is focused on managing a patient’s interactions rather than their chart, here are some takeaways how it can improve the patient experience:

  • Better care with one single view – With 360-degree view of the customer, you will give better and personalized experience. Providing the healthcare team with EMR including health conditions, medications, appointment history, and caregiver information can make patient consultations much more efficient.
  • Home care and remote help – Patients will be able to follow up with their doctors over the phone or from their mobile apps. Likewise patients with mobility issues will be able to do videoconferencing. Salesforce reports say that 76% of patients use phone calls as the primary way to set up doctors appointment.
  • Manage and automate large amount of data – Record bigger amounts of patients history and medical profiles. That will help you create reports and follow up on insights. As your healthcare staff builds EHR databases, continually adding to patient data, the Health Cloud system can use complex data ETL processes. That will collect, analyze, identify patient risk factors. Finally, Health Cloud can initiate an action such as sending an sms message or email with targeted content for patient education or available appointments, all without any human intervention.

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The American Red Cross is using Salesforce to better connect volunteers with donors. They are consolidates information from 150 national partners and more than 250 local field units to make it easier to build relationships with supporters and volunteers.

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