Scale and optimize your service with Salesforce Service Cloud

From self-service options to complex support help with Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a your answer to deliver trustable and scalable customer service and support. At any time and from every device. Equip your service with built-in productivity tools and a 360-degree view of every customer. Additionally, monitor your teams performance and key KPI’s. Moreover, provide self-service portals to your customers. Or, engage them with intelligent chatbot support.

You will have endless opportunities and ways to improve and scale your customer service with Sales Cloud. Furthermore, you will be able to respond fast to your customer needs on any channel. In short, here are some of the key features and solutions:

  • Self-service support – Customer can quickly find answers to their questions from account information, FAQ sections and knowledge articles. Also, your customer can start conversations with intelligent chatbots. They can either answer their questions, send them to an agent or make account update.
  • Productivity tools with AI – With AI and routing rules, tasks will be automatically matched from every channel and then pushed to the right agent. In result, cases will be resolved faster. Your team will have access to a 360 degree view of your customers, unifying data across departments and integrated systems. Furthermore, agents will have access to knowledge article recommended by AI. Also, solve phone cases faster by integrating cloud telephony into the service console. Finally, agents have access to automation tools, like macros, or step by step procedures like issuing a refund.
  • Coaching – Supervisors can coach their teams from everywhere with real time conversation monitoring and analytics. Also, monitor agent performance, key KPI’s, and channel usage.
  • Field Service Lightning – Your team is equipped with intelligent quick dispatch console to solve cases out in the field. It will prioritize essential tasks first and matching them with the right resource. That will give quick help for those who for example needs road side assistance. Essentially to mention, with an intuitive mobile app, that works even offline, your workers will be up to date on the latest policies and procedures with step-by-step instructions and safety checklists.

Customer Success Story – Pack Health

When the COVID-19 hit the United States in early 2020, hospitals and insurance companies began moving patients with chronic conditions out of their systems. Wanting to help this vulnerable population, Pack Health, digital health coaching company for chronic disease management, quickly scaled to accommodate 25,000 to 50,000 new members in its remote care system. Using Service Cloud, Health Advisors can reference knowledge articles to educate members on their condition, set goals and reminders, and form plans to manage their health.

Connect Service to Sales and Marketing

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