Build digital experiences with Salesforce Community Cloud

Build CRM experiences with Community Cloud

With Community Cloud you can create and deliver personalized digital experiences for both your partners and customers. You can build sites, portals and forums with pre-build templates. Then, you can choose how your customers and partners will access content and data. In short, create platforms that will facilitate your communication among employees, partners and customers.

With Community Cloud you can create multiple communities and experiences for different purposes. Here is short list of how you can use it for:

  • Create multiple digital experiences for specific needs.
  • Extend business processes to partners and customers.
  • Integrate data (such as orders or financial information) from third-party providers.
  • Use themes and templates to create branded experiences.
  • Use Salesforce CMS to create content and deliver to any channel

As you can see above, you can easily reach out to anyone and easily share content and information. Moreover, you can create spaces so your customers can help each other, like a self service community. There, then can discover similar cases/issues and interact with each other. Finally, this can also bring higher customer engagement. Else, you can create personalized portals, where your customer can access their data and take action like new orders on any device.

With Community Cloud you can collaborate with your partners on opportunities and deals, sharing your CRM data. Furthermore, you can onboard your partners quickly by sharing content and training material. Finally, your employees can use the platform for interactions, like troubleshooting or human resource management. Summarising, this is a great tool that enables collaboration on multiple levels between organisations and individuals.

Customer Success Story – Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank in UK have thousands of homeowners that every year take out mortgage, where 60% of them are arranged via external brokers. A Community platform build with Salesforce Community Cloud helps Barclays forge deeper relationships with these brokers, all 16,000 of them. In other words, they have one platform to acquire all the information needed, accessible on any device.

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