Online and offline AI driven experiences with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

E-commerce solution built around your customer

With Commerce Cloud you can create beautiful e-commerce experiences. With mobile first approach, with tools for responsive design and one-touch payment, you will convert more shoppers.. Engage with your shoppers both online and offline, building 1:1 customer journeys with personalized campaigns. In result, that’s how you will turn your prospects into customers, enabling purchases on the go and at their comfort.

Make your e-commerce smarter with Commerce Cloud. Personalize the customer experience online, from product assortment to price and recommendations. With Commerce Cloud, your customers will be able to shop anywhere, whether they are online or in the store. Additionally, Connect Commerce Cloud with Marketing, Service and Sales cloud, so that you can share all the customer data across departments. That will help you deliver even better customer service and help, having your employees always having the customer profile updated. Also, share your sales and store performance in real time with your employees. In this way, they will stay informed and motivated to bring better results.

Deliver great customer journeys across commerce, marketing, service, sales and your community. Moreover, create personalized experiences and create recommendations using AI to boost conversions. With Einstein embedded you will be able to bring product and search recommendations and predictive sorting. Furthermore, you will get insights and campaign recommendations based on your key KPI’s. Finally, create content fast and deliver it to different commerce portals and storefronts.

Customer Success Story – Boggi Milano

Boggi Milano, Italian clothing brand, wanted to connect with their on-the-go customers. In short, they reinvented their organisation and technology by 5 simple steps:

  1. Break down organization silos and introduce education program
  2. Build the digital foundation using Commerce Cloud
  3. Digitalize the physical store for omni-channel experience
  4. Unify service across channels
  5. Unify Marketing funtions

Results? More than 100% YOY growth in online sales and almost 12% of Boggi’s digital sales are made via apps in the store

Build and deliver content with CMS

Check out how you can connect all your Clouds using Marketing Cloud Connect. Also, read more how you can easily create content and share it across your sites and make it personal for every user with Content Management System. Finally, if you curious about Einstein, see how you can optimize your cross channel experience using AI.

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