Sell faster and smarter with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Convert leads smarter with AI powered platform

Sales Cloud will help you sell smarter and faster from any device. With AI that is built into the process, you will find insights like top leads, next steps and suggested actions. You will get a 360 degree view of your customer that will help you personalise your customer experience. Connecting Sales Cloud to Service and Marketing Cloud, you will get an aligned view of the customer, giving unique experience at every touchpoint. Moreover, you can also plugin other trusted apps and components from the Salesforce app exchange that will support your sales process.

With Sales Cloud, you will discover new ways to sell. You can track demand and follow trends and adjust your sales strategy accordingly. Futhermore, track the performance of your team in real time to manage and support them. Moreover, use Einstein to gather insight and provide the perfect offer at the right time to your customers. Finally, bring data from any source, both external and internal, and keep a close eye on your KPI’s.

Here is a summary of all the benefits that comes with Sales Cloud:

  • More opportunities – Discover trends and new demands with insights
  • Personalization of sales process – Customize the process according to customers and your team’s needs.
  • Future Forecasting – Get automated reports and suggestions for your key KPI’s
  • Accelerated productivity – Follow your teams performance and make your processes more effective
  • Steady growth – Salesforce reports state that those using Sales Cloud experience a 45% increase in customer retention, and a 37% increase in sales revenue.
  • Aligned view – Everyone, also across clouds, will share same view of the customer
  • Saved time – With reports, AI recommendations and suggested next steps, you and your sales teams will save time!

Customer Success Story – Zillow

Zillow, a leading real estate and rental network in the U.S., is using Sales Cloud Einstein to sell in a smarter way. It helps them to distribute a high-quality prioritized task list to all of their teammates each day and throughout the day. This has resulted in real gains in conversion and in productivity.

Connect Sales to Service and Marketing

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