Improve user experience with push with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With MobilePush you can create, send and manage push notifications

Do you have an app and want to catch your on-the-go customers and elevate their experience? Inside Mobile Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud you will find MobilePush, a tool for creating and sending push notifications. You will be able to schedule or trigger your notifications or even include them in your customer journeys.

Why use push notifications? Compared to email or sms messages, they have higher open rate, between 30% to 60% and interaction rate can go up to 40%. You are also able to send timely push notifications to users based on their location. Also, it’s very easy to setup personalized communication, as you already have access to your users profile through the app. Additionally, you can easily integrate your push notification with any email, sms, or social media campaigns of yours. With MobilePush you will be able do the following:

  • Manage segmented audiences of mobile contacts
  • Send targeted and personalized push notifications
  • Use geofence and beacon messaging for location-based campaigns
  • Send app inbox messages
  • Automate your campaigns with Automation Studio
  • View customer engagement with analytics
  • Send a triggered message using an API call
  • Integrate push notifications into customer journeys using Interaction method

While creating a push notification in MobilePush, you can choose among four templates:

  • Simple outbound message like an online promotion
  • Location entry notification when the user enters a geofenced area
  • Location exit notification when the user exits a geofenced area
  • Beacon message when the user enters the range of the beacon

Having a location, MobilePush will give you ways of reaching your audience in the right time at the right spot sending recommendations based on their preferences. Imagine you have a shoe store and you have a customer entering your store. You can then send a beacon message offering a discount on their favorite pair of shoes that they just added to their wish list. This will enhance the user experience and add more value. MobilePush has also other advanced features like making sure to send messages based on right time zone or that you do not send the same message multiple times.

Customer success story – Pacers Sports & Entertainment

Pacers Sports & Entertainment uses Salesforce to digitally champion its global NBA brand. Reaching 1.1 million followers on Twitter and 3.2 million fans on Facebook, they started to look beyond email marketing as their primary outbound messaging. With Journey Builder they are creating customer journeys with engaging communication on social media, sending personalized emails leading up to games and then pushing real-time offers during games through the Pacers mobile app. How smart!

Push it to the limit

As you get to know your customers better, you will understand what they want and where they would like get engaged. Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud you will be able to create customer journeys in Journey Builder where you will be able to orchestrate the right content, at the right time and the through the right channel.

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