Quick overview of Audience Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Understand your customer and drive personalized journeys

With Audience Builder you will be able to better understand and engage with your customers. You will acquire a deeper understanding of your customers attributes and behaviour. Finally, that will help you create better target sends and drive personalised customer journeys.

With Audience Builder you will have a single view of each customers by integrating data from any source. Combine your 1st party, 3rd party and even predictive data to understand your customer segments. Audience Builder can use any list, groups, or data extensions to collect the information about your contacts. Moreover, you can add attributes to Audience Builder without dimensionalizing them. Then, easily segment your subscriber in a drag-and-drop interface using any combination of attributes.

It is easy to create a new audience in Audience Builder. Once in Audience Builder, click on the “Create Audience” button and name your audience. Select the channels of contacts that you want to use, choosing a value. Then, add the attributes you from the attribute library by draging them on the workspace. Also, click on the “Exclusion Tab” if you want to exclude any audiences. Then, click on “New Segment” button to create a new segment and you are done.

Use the segments that you create for analysis and to create triggered sends and personalised customer journeys. Send personalised messages based on purchase history, browsing activity, customer attributes, and more to precisely targeted audiences. Also, use predictive scores, powered by Einstein, to engage with customers based on what they will do next.

Customer Success Story – Maersk

Maersk, an integrated container logistics company operating in 130 countries, is using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and predictive intelligence to create more personalised communication for their customers. Within weeks, after they implemented the platform, they could see a tidal wave of increased customer engagement.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

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