Optimize return on ad spend with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Solve your advertizing challenges with Audience Studio

As a marketer you can face different challenges when it comes to advertising, especially when you are running ads across different channels and devices. You might experience that your ROI is not as high as you would hoped for. The reason could be that you are spraying the same message to everyone. Or perhaps, you lack the visibility into cross device usage, so that you can exclude customer traffic across multiple devices. Audience Studio will help you to solve those challenges. Moreover, you will be able to create relevant messages for the right audiences with cross channel targeting.

With Audience Studio you will be able to create different audience lists that will help you run your ads more efficiently. Instead of pushing the same message to everyone, you can diversify your target audiences. For instance, create exclusion list suppressing already existing customers that are already loyal and converting and reinvest your money in prospects. Also, you will be able to push the same message across channels being more consistent. Finally, you will be able to integrated your ads into customer journeys in Journey Builder.

So how does this work in reality? By tagging all your internal and external data, you will be able to build segments within Audience Studio. Create lists like CRM customers, first time visits, returning visits, social media users, and so on. Once you have build those segments for your audiences, you can activate those across different advertising platforms. That would be Display, Search, Paid Social, Web, Email or even Offline.

Summarising, here would be the main steps to follow to prepare for running ads with Audience Builder:

  • Identify use cases
  • Prepare your budget
  • Install Audience Studio pixel on your sites
  • Tag your data
  • Create segments based on on-site and Ads360 tags
  • Share those audiences out to the different advertising platforms

Customer Success Story – Banana Republic

So how do you otpimize ad spend in a world taken over by mobile phones and games? Banana Republic created a Facebook lookalike audiences using their high value customer base to acquire new customers. That has given them a 60% higher CTR at 4x the return on spend.

Connect Google Ads with customer journeys

As mentioned above, thanks to Google Customer Match in Salesforce, you can connect your ads with customer journeys to build end-to-end journeys with aligned messaging across channels.

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