Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect – Sending Email

Send email messages from Sales, Service or Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Connect connects your Marketing Cloud with Service and Sales instances. It allows you to send email messages from Sales, Service or Marketing Cloud. Also, it allows you to measure customer engagement and share that tracking data back to Sales and Service cloud. Additionally, it provides the “plumbing” for Data Stream and Journey Builder. In this article, let’s focus on one of the features of Marketing Cloud Connect which is sending an email from the cloud of your choice.

Let’s say you are an Account representative and you want to send an email created in Marketing Cloud. Effectively, you will be able to access that email in Marketing Cloud and and execute the send directly within Sales or Service Cloud. Inside Sales and Service Cloud you will see a Marketing Cloud tab and an Email Sends tab. From here you can select your rich dynamic creative that is stored in Marketing Cloud and select your audience.

You are probably wondering if you will be able to see the report and tracking data from that email send in Service and Sales cloud. The answer is, Yes. Under the Email Sends tab you will see a list of send emails. By clicking on one of them you will ender a dashboard showing you different details about the email send. For instance, you will see all clicks, opens, bounces and other engagement data that is available. Additionally, you will see aggregated level of link tracking or individual email results. Moreover, you can also run reports, like Clicked or Opened report. That list could be used for retargeting your mostly engaged customers.

Wether you choose to send and email from Marketing Cloud or Service or Sales cloud, the result will be the same. In short, you will be able to reference the same email and choose the same audience.

Customer Success Story – Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a perfect example of a company that is using the benefits of having Marketing, Service and Sales cloud integrated and connected. They have placed their customers at the center of everything. With this in mind, they have developed a specific “cloud journey” plan for customers, aligning its sales and operations teams with the information, tools, and processes needed to execute each plan. 

Quick overview of Marketing Cloud Connect

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