How powerful is Personalization Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Build predictive emails with Einstein in Marketing Cloud

With Personalization Builder, powered by Einstein, you will be able to create dynamic content and product recommendations for email and web marketing. In short, you will observe customers behaviour and build profiles based on customer preferences, in real time. In that way, you will be able to predict marketing decisions across the entire customer journey.

Einstein helps you collect insights from all customers interactions – clicks, downloads, purchases and their preferences. Personalization Builder combines that data in algorithms to build customer profiles. In such a way, these profiles can be used for creating customized content across channels. In conclusion, this will help you to create personalized content for web sites, emails or campaign specific landing pages.

It requires a team work between a Marketer and Developer to setup Personalization Builder. As a Marketer you will start with configuring and setting up the catalogue. A catalogue can be based on products, if you are a retail company, and/or on content, if you have a website or a blog. Choose which attributes of products or content you want to track. This can be descriptions or urls. Moving on, define what user attributes you want to track. Choose between link website behaviour and email activity, user profiles like gender or name and localization support. Last step in the configuration of the catalogue would be for you to choose what activity you want to track – like in-site search or purchase.

Now you have created a Collect Code that has to be implemented by a Developer. If you have a retail, you will have to import your catalogue data with all your SKU’s in Personalization Builder. This can be done by a Flat-file update or Streaming updates through JavaScript. Once the data is in place, it’s time to start collecting the data. The more data you collect the better recommendations. For instance, Cart and Purchase tracking enables you to activate abandoned cart campaigns. Especially, Purchase data will provide you with very effective recommendation scenarios, like “people who bought also viewed”. Once everything is setup correctly, you will see in the Status console that the collected data number is increasing per tracking code. Your final step would be to enable the Einstein Recommendations data extensions. Now you are ready to create your recommendations!

Customer success story – Tribeca Pediatrics

Tribecca Pediatrics with a patient base of 70.000, is using Journey Builder to efficiently personalize and send communication to patient caregivers, saving more than 8 hours of staff time per week. Not only are they using customer data to send guidance, but also to send post-visit communication or remind parents who haven’t visited in awhile.

Personalization with dynamic content

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