Connect Google Ads with customer journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Combine your CRM data and use it on Google properties with Google Customer Match

As a marketer, you want to reach users at their moment of intent, when they are searching for your products. What is crucial is to use your CRM data and drive your messaging across devices in the moments that matter. With Google Customer Match inside Marketing Cloud you will be able to understand the full value of your customers data in Google Ads. You will be able to connect your customer journeys with advertising on the most powerful platforms; YouTube, Gmail, Search and Shopping.

With Google Customer Match you will be able to easily differentiate and target different audience groups:

  • Target the customers you know and that are already interested in your brand
  • Exclude your current customers to reach new customers
  • Reach users that are similar to your customers

So how does it work? Here are the main steps of the process:

  • Salesforce uploads 1 Party data to Adwords as an Audience list
  • Adwords matches the your email addresses to Google accounts
  • Then you target or exclude your new audience list across devices and channels
  • Adwords also generates a “Similar Audience” list from original email lists (available only for Gmail and YouTube)

Use your online and offline data to reach out to your customers with the appropriate ad. Create a strategy based on what you know and who you want to reach, creating different segments. For instance, push upsell products for your existing clients, or create an offer for your retiring customers.

And how do you run the ads? Using Automation Studio you will be able to push all your CRM data to Google in a an automated repeated fashion, so that you can have Journey Builder and Email Studio connect advertising to rest of your marketing, sales and customer service.

Customer Success Story – MINI Australia

With Salesforce, customers can create powerful advertising combining the data from Facebook Lead Ads, Google Customer Match and Email advertising. MINI Australia Facebook lead ads to engage with potential buyers. The main objective was to generate qualified leads, so the ads invited Facebook users to register to receive more information about a new car ahead of its launch. This campaign generated 5.4X campaign target leads at a $24.89 cost per lead.

Creating Campaigns with Advertising Studio

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