Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration with Google My Business

Manage your Google My Business reviews in Social Studio

With Social Studio, you can not only do Social listening and reply to your Facebook page comments, but you can also manage your Google My Business reviews. As we all know, reviews is all that matters in search results when someone is looking up a business and you want to be able to quickly reply and show that you are listening to your customers. Additionally, with Analyses dashboard inside Social Studio, you will be able to spot trends that are happening in your reviews.

Add your Google My Business account like any other Social Media account. Inside Social Studio, choose to add a new column and add your Google My Business Reviews account. You will see a column appear with all your Google reviews. Essential to mention is that reviews will come in close to real time.

Once you click on your review, you can inspect it like any other social media post. You can view the conversation and the workflow information. Most important, you can reply to it straight away. Also, there is an option to choose from previous responses if you have had a similar case or issue. Moreover, you can assign this reply to a local marketing manager.

If you are a person that would like to manage all your reviews, you can create a column with both Google My Business and Facebook reviews. Simply add your Facebook account into the column. Then, in the filter section, choose Reviews as the media type. Now you have a column with all your Social reviews. Last but not least, you can even rename the column up in the top.

Like mentioned above, you will also get access to an Analyses dashboard to see trends in your reviews. You will see all your reviews and you can quickly sort them by locations or average rating. In that way, if you have different stores or service locations, you will be able to quickly spot if any of them is getting a drop in the reviews to see how they can improve.

Aiming for improved customer satisfaction

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