Quick overview of Salesforce Workplace Command Center

Return to work after COVID-19 with Work.com

Work.com has been available for purchase since June 1st 2020. It has been developed to help businesses reopen their workspace efficiently, while helping to keep employees, customers, partners and communities safe and informed during the COVID-19 crises and beyond. Now executives are able to stay connected with their employees. While gathering real time data, they can easier make decisions around returning to work.

Work.com conists of six different applications:

  • Contact Tracing app – Contact tracing is about identifying individuals that are symptomatic and tracing the ones that they have been in contact with.
  • Shift Scheduling App – This app will help you keep the workplace density to minimum, matching skulls and recognising who actually needs to be present.
  • Emergency Response Management App – With this app you can allocate health, public and private sector resources.
  • Volunteer and Grants Management – This app is complementary to the above, coordinating volunteers with digital sign up, scheduling and reminders.
  • Employee Wellness Assessment – Monitor wellness of employees using Salesforce surveys through a mobile app, ensuring they are healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Workforce Reskilling app – This app will help your employees to learn about new regulations to to follow within workspace environment or being out in the field and interacting with customers.

The Workplace Command Center is made up of components from these various apps. Executives will be able to spot “Wellness Status by location”, showing them the health status of every office. Also, they will be able to track “Shift Status” to see the activated capacity, employees available and shifts assigned. Moreover, employees will be able to coordinate times between each other to come in, based on their availability. Another features would be “Trailhead Status” and “Operations feed” to send alerts about new hygiene procedures. Moreover, everyone will be able to track the COVID-19 spread, powered by Tableau. Finally, you are able to integrate pre-build apps and solutions to help to adapt to current needs.

Plan, manage and activate operations to reopen your business quickly with Workplace Command Center!

Customer Success Story – Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island is a Trailblazer in testing and contact tracing efforts. When someone tests positive for certain diseases on Rhode Island, the trained state, city, or county health staff will get in touch with the person concerned. Then they will record any interactions with people or places that took place during the infectious period. Read more about how they are capturing data and using different Clouds to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

Let everyone stay connected with Command Center

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