Journey Builder templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Journey Builder offers predefined journeys by Salesforce

Marketers has for a long time asked for journey templates inside Journey Builder. Their wishes finally became true! Salesforce equipped Journey Builder with journey templates based on common use cases by their users. Provided that, this is great help for anyone who wants to learn how to build their first customer journey. Each of them has different levels of complexity, from simple to advanced. Also, you can at any time create and save your own template and share it easily with others in your organisation.

You can access the journey templates from either the Marketing Cloud homepage or inside the Journey Builder. Here, you will find a gallery of templates built by Salesforce. These have been created based on the common use cases by Salesforce users. Choose between Abandoned Cart journeys, Anniversary journey, Birthday journey, Event follow-up journey or Welcome journeys. Also, each of them have different levels of complexity – simple, intermediate and advanced. If you are beginner, start with a simple one, like a “Welcome Journey” or an “Anniversary Send”.

Once you have chosen the preferred Salesforce template, you will be taken to the pre-built journey. Here you will immediately get an introduction and useful tips about how to configure the journey. Additionally, you will be given best practise recommendations on each step. In any time, you can save the journey you are working on as a template. Go to the “Save” dropdown area and choose “Save as Template”. Here you will be asked to define information about it, like name, description and instructions. Particularly, the instructions section is very useful, as it is seen by everyone in your team. For example, create a note saying that any new edit to the journey should be saved as a new copy.

If you want to see your saved templates, you go to the section called “My Templates”. Here, find all your templates you have built. And remember, you can share them with other members of your organisation.

Customer success story – Mahou

Mahou San Miguel, know among beer lovers, is using Marketing Cloud Services team help to create targeted customer journeys. In effect, they can now focus on different customer groups, like food lovers or football maniacs and send them communication based on their interests.

So what does a journey consist of?

Read more about how a customer journey is built up and what different steps it consist of.

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