Emails made easy with Content Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Content Builder – One tool for creating all content

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder is a great tool with drag-and-drop interface that helps you create and manage content across channels. It’s a single place for all your assets – images, blocks, templates and emails. This tool will change the way you are organizing and building content for your emails. Watch the video to discover more!

Content Builder has many great functions. You can easily search and filter your content with a flexible folder structure. Moreover, you can create dynamic content without the need for code with drag-and-drop interface. It contains 20 basic email templates, 6 empty and 18 themed with a live preview functionality. In that way, you will be able to preview every single email for each individual subscriber. Sounds great, does it! It also has features as Permissions, where you can control what elements can de edited or not, to keep brand consistency. Likewise, another great feature is the Accelerator. It provides recommendations and best practises on the go to help your team manage, create and customise content in a more streamlined way.

As mentioned, with Content builder you can create dynamic content easier without being an HTML expert. You can add dynamic content blocks to your template, defining the rules and content for different audiences. Before sending the email, you will be able to review the content in the testing tab, making sure you are sending the right message. Beside of creating templates and emails, the tool also allows you to create in-app and push notifications, accessing the same content.

Customer success story – Aldo

Retailer Aldo is a great example of how to create 1:1 communication and focus on the right type of content. Aldo, a footwear chain with 2.000+ stores in over 100 countries and 200 million customers, focuses on creating a personalised experience that travels with the customer whether they are in the store, online or on social media. That means more dynamic and intelligent communication across channels.

What the brand discovered is that pushing weekly sales emails have been an overkill for their buyers, which shops on average one pair of shoes a month. They reduced their email communication by 50% and invested in more personalised content once a month. That increased the email conversion by 131% compared by previous year.

“We really try to send the customer the right information that might be most relevant to that customer at that particular time. Whether it’s an email, push, or SMS, across all of our platforms, it’s really about being customer-centric and truly personalized,” said Ian Richards, Vice President of CRM and Analytics.

Communication made easy

To summarise, here are some of the benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder:

  • Save time with easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Manage all assets in one place across channels
  • Create professional emails without knowing HTML
  • View changes to content in your email in real time
  • Insert code snippers like Forward to a friend
  • Test dynamic content for each individual

If you want to know how you create the journey of your communication, check out our post on Journey Builder. Here you will be able to discover how you take your audience for a personalised, connected and relevant journey. You can also check out our article about dynamic content to learn more about personalised emails.

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