Align key metrics with Command Center in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Let everyone in your company stay connected

One of the tools in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that companies are not so familiar with or investing in, is the Command Center. So what is it all about? It’s a digital overview or report that is part of Social Studio. And, there are three major advantages of using it. You can get real time insights of all digital interactions. Next, you can see how well your customer service team is performing and solving issues. Last but not least, and probably the best advantage, you will get everyone in the company align on the key metrics and KPI’s.

Let’s look a bit closer on what you can see and do with Command Center:

  • Digital Insights – Monitor the health of your brand, customer interactions and campaign results across channels in real time. Also, understand what topics your customers are exiting about and where they are or how they talk about your competitors. Moreover, listen to what key influencers are saying or what top images are being shared.
  • Customer Service Insights – Visualize the customer’s feedback and track customer service team performance. In other words, see how well your social customer service team is handling the support cases. Furthermore, see who are your top agents. Finally, understand customer feedback for your entire organization.
  • One overview of key metrics – Let your team see how they are doing and let them focus on key metrics. For instance, show email performance over time or show progress of all 1:1 customer journeys. In that way, your stuff will know where they are going and start carrying about the numbers.

Why should you invest in it? And how will your teams use it? It can be easily setup and customized, as easy as creating dashboards. In brief, It connects Social Studio with Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud and can be showed on every screen. In essence, every department and employee can stay connected and aligned. With that being said, your teams will get more focused and connected with your customers. To summarise, here are the key takeaways:

  • Integration across clouds
  • One aligned view for all departments
  • Better view of the customer service performance
  • Great view over key metrics
  • Social listening tool
  • Displayed on desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Helps your teams to be smarter and more predictive

Customer success story – Nestle

There are many big brands that are using Command Center to track and display their digital interactions with their customers. One of them is Nestle Waters. They recently launched the Digital Consumer Engagement Center in partnership with Salesforce. Thus, to identify, engage and send information to anyone who has questions about sustainable, and responsible water bottling practices.

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