Connect all your departments with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect

Sync data and create customer journeys across channels

If you are Salesforce customer and using more clouds than Marketing Cloud, you will gain many benefits by connecting them together. This is possible with Marketing Cloud Connect. With this integration, you can connect your service, sales and community departments. This will create a consistent experience at every touch point for your customers.

By connecting your data from your Commerce Cloud or Service cloud, you will be able to build highly personalized emails in Marketing Cloud, having the full view of your customer. At the same time, your sales or service team will be able to send emails from Marketing Cloud, but staying within their own app. In the same way, if you are using Community Cloud, your parters will be able to pick up content from Marketing Cloud and send customized emails to their customers.

Furthemore, your data is automatically synced and updated, so there are no imports and exports of data or waiting time. Above all, what is really helpful and powerful, is that you can create actions across clouds inside customer journeys in Journey Builder. For example, trigger a welcome email when you have a new customer registered by your sales team. Or, create a follow up task for your customer service team if a customer has left a bad review.

Having this 360 view of your customer, will let you become smart faster and build even better communication with your clients. Moreover, your teams will have an integrated view, which can help them to deliver better service and customer experience. To summarise, these are the main benefits with Marketing Cloud Connect:

  • Sync your CRM data with Marketing Cloud without technical support
  • Listen to interactions and customer feedback across your clouds
  • Build customer journeys triggering actions across teams that fits customers needs
  • Create pre-build journeys in Marketing Cloud that your sales parters can use and customize
  • Build customer segments and add attributes on more levels 
  • Share insights and analytics across clouds in real time

Customer success story – Eurostar

Eurostar with high speed trains across Europe is aiming to deliver an outstanding customer travel experience. Beside of a journey, they want to offer a great experience and customer service. That’s why they are investing in an omni-channel approach with a 360 degree profiles of their customers.

Joined digital report for your teams

If you want to give your teams an aligned view over marketing key metrics and your social media performance, you should invest in Command Center. With this till, you can build dashboards and share important data within your organisation, to create awareness and focus.

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