Insights simplified with Datorama inside Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Understand your data and optimize your campaigns in real time

Since September 2018 Datorama has become part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With Datorama, marketers can collect all of their marketing data from different channels, campaigns and places to unlock real time insights. Get a complete picture of your marketing performance with dashboards showing trends, goals, measurements and insights. In essence, Datorama is a great tool to visualize the data to quickly gather insights across all channels. Additionally, you can make data driven decisions straight from the tool.

First, Datorama will help you quickly gather all campaign data from any source, including Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, social media campaigns, tv campaigns and even offline data. Then, Datorama will orchestrate and and present to you the data in real time dashboards. You will see what campaigns are performing well and those that are not. Get a great overview of your key KPI’s or top performing content. Also, drill down for deeper insights. Check out dashboards for optimizing your email campaigns, your ads across channels and audiences or your lead to opportunity pipeline.

Moreover, with Artificial Intelligence daily insights, you can make decisions fast based on the recommendations. Directly, from the tool, you can activate or pause your campaigns. And, you can always customize the dashboards based on your KPI’s and audience segments.

Sumarising, here is what you will be able to accomplish with Datorama:

  • Connect and unify marketing data sources into one view
  • Visualise AI-powered insights in real time
  • Report across channels and campaigns
  • Collaborate and act to drive Return on Investment

Having access to these insight, you will be able to deliver better results. Also, you will save time building your own reports. Finally, use that time to act upon the data and optimise the outcome.

Customer Success Story – Universal Music

Universal Music, the worlds leading music company, are using Datorama for omni-channel reporting, giving them insights to couple historical metrics with real time insight for campaign optimization.

Data mapping inside Datorama

Read more about how your data is mapped inside datorama to see how your data model is structure.

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