Data view with Data Mapping Visualizer in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Understand how your data is mapped inside Datorama

With Datorama you can collect all of your marketing data in one single source of truth and view real time dashboards with trends, goals and insights. In short, this is a great tool to visualize the data and quickly gather insights across all channels. Data Mapping Visualizer is a tool inside Datorama that will help you understand how this data is mapped. Search by data sources or entities to see how your data model is structured.

This interactive vizualization tool helps you discover how your data sources and fields are mapped and unified for analyses and optimization. In essence, it gives you a holistic view on how your data is harmonized inside Datorama.

Let’s understand how it works. Once you have connected all your data sources, they will appear under the “External data” column. Connect your marketing channels like Facebook ads account, Google Analytics account, YouTube account, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Social Studio. Usually, each of these tools are labelling dimensions differently. However, what is great about Datorama is that it’s unifying the marketing data into one data model.

If you want to see how the data is mapped for each channel, simply click on it and you will get a visualization to the right of the column. You will see which entities the channel is mapped to. You can even see how individual fields are mapped in your data model. On the other hand, you can also start looking from the entity level. For instance, check out your campaign entity, “Campaign name”, and you will see that it consist of unified data from all the different channels where you are running your campaigns. Here, you can even discover each individual fields from the data source. Finally, inside Data Mapping Visualizer you have a search function to quickly look for entities or fields.

As you can see, Data Mapping Visualizer gives you many ways of quickly discovering how cross channel data is brought together.

Customer success story – Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands, a 100-year old manufacturer, understood they needed a reinvention and digital transformation to drive agility. In 2016 they started to tackle challenges like lack of access to consumer data and they began balancing the need of their consumers. With Salesforce integration, they can now uncover more precise behaviours of what consumers are actually doing.

Google Analytics 360 integration

As mentioned above, having your data in once place gives you a full view of the performance of your running campaigns in one place. Read more about the integration with Google Analytics 360 with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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