Optimize with Einstein Marketing Insights in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Discover your optimization opportunities for your key KPI’s

Datorama helps you understand your data with with real time dashboards. In that way, you can make smarter decisions faster. In our previous article, we talked about Data Mapping Visualizer to understand how the data is mapped inside Datorama. This time, let’s have a look on the AI part of it, the Einstein Marketing Insights. Thanks to this tool, you can uncover cross-channel optimazation opportunities for your most important KPI’s.

Marketers today expect to know beyond their customers’ needs, being able to predict their next steps. With tool like Einstein Marketing Insights, you get insights and strategic recommendations for your KPI’s and ROI. Analyze your cross channel marketing data and discover hidden optimization opportunities for your campaigns.

If you want to start analyzing one of your KPI’s, simply create a new bot from the front page of the tool. First you choose your objective, your KPI, from a drop down menu. Next, you decide whether you want to improve it by increasing or decreasing it’s value. You can also create a custom bot, choosing a variety of filters. For example, select a custom date rage, or schedule how often you want it to run.

Once you have setup your bot, Einstein will give you insights over what’s most relevant and impactful for your KPI. That being said, you don’t have to spend hours on digging in your data and looking for what’s most important. You can just rely on Einstein! You will see different views, like top level view where you can see how your KPI has been performing over time. Moreover, you can get a more detailed view, like how your specific offer is performing or a certain product activity. Additionally, you can also compare how offers or product segments are performing in the same time frame.

Share your insights with others by exporting the reports to a PDF file. Also, pin the ones that you find most relevant to a Dashboard in Datorama. Now, you can save time understanding your data and start focusing on optimization.

Customer success story – Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank is using science to give the best recommendations to their customers. “We offer various different savings, insurance, and credit solutions, so we need to know which product offerings are suited to which customers,”. That’s why they chose to use Salesforce and AI to respond to their customers’ expectations and improve their overall customer journeys.

Einstein Analytics dashboards

Understand how complex data is captured and visualised in Einstein Analytics platform.

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