The New Salesforce Marketing Cloud Setup

Quick search across admin, platform and settings

The Marketing Cloud Setup link is the new Admin link, which you can find in the Settings menu. Search for items across admin panel, platform tools and settings with a quick search bar. Also, get access to helpful admin tools like status updates, trailhead or release notes. Moreover, see some key metrics about your account, like how many journeys you are running or how many users you have.

Inside Salesforce Marketing Setup you will find a searchable and integrated navigation bar on the the left side. Using the search function, you can quickly search for settings and tools. Quickly access user settings or data management panel, check out your Salesforce integrations or edit the company settings.

From the home page, you can also navigate to additional admin tools from a carrousel across the top. From here, check your system status, release notes, trailhead, your certifications and take guided tours of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Additionally, you will find a Metrics panel, where you will find some key data metrics. See the number of data extensions, content assets, users, customer journeys and automations in your account. In that way, you will keep a good track on how many active users you have or how many automations you are running at the moment and their status. Click into any of these components to give more insights. For example, click on the customer journeys’ component, and you will be taken to the Journey Builder’s dashboard.

Next to the Metric panel, you have quick access to the Trailblaxer Community and Help & Trainng portal. You can either browse for training documentation or ask a questions to the community.

Summarizing, with Marketing Cloud Setup quick search feature and quick links to admin tools, you will find it very easy to setup your account. Also, you will be able to follow your progress and get recommendations on what’s left to setup with the Setup Assistant.

Become a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin from home

If you are considering to become a certified administrator of Marketing Cloud, Salesforce is guiding you how you can do it from your home office. Trailhead will help you reach that goal giving you hands-on experience. Grow you resume and elevate your career highlighting your skills with the Marketing Cloud Email Marketers Certification.

Quick overview of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Read more about the possibilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and all the different tools for integrating customer journeys, management, email and mobile marketing, social and web personalization, analytics and content creation.

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