In-app messaging with Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In-app messaging for mobile apps

You can easily create and send messages to mobile app users through Journey Builder. In-app messaging is a great way to interact with your mobile customers and drive conversion. It’s easier to engage with users that are already using your app and are engaged with your brand.

When you want to create and send an in-app message, drag and drop the In-App Message activity onto the canvas in Journey Builder. Next, configure the in-app message as you would create or edit an sms message, push notification or chat-app message for Line. Then, select an existing message that will take you to Content Builder or create a new one. When you create a message, you will have to choose one of the following layouts;

  • Full-page message layout is the default one and fits the screen. This option works well with welcome series, sale or promotion.
  • Banner message layout will appear either on the top or the bottom of the screen and doesn’t require interaction. Use this option for quick updates, like transactional information.
  • Modal message layout shows part of the screen behind it and requires interaction. Use it for contextual messages like coupon codes.

Creating a content for the in-app message, add an image from Content Builder, give it a title and your message. Use personalization if needed, like coupon code. Also, choose the labels for the CTA buttons and add links. Finally, you can edit the design with many available options. Move around your title, adjust the colors, font sizes, and how the image will be displayed. Last step before activating the message, would be to preview the personalization. Select the data extension you want to test against to, and see how the message will render for each subscriber.

Customer Success Story – PwC

PwC, with a network that is spread across 158 countries with more than 236,000 employees, are using a variety of highly personalized and fun learning tools. This includes guided in-app learning and coaching.

Personalized content

It’s easy to build personalized content in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. And you don’t need to mess with the code. With Enhanced Dynamic Content you can easily create multiple variations of your content without knowing HTML. Also, you can easily create personalisation strings with AMPscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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