New Salesforce Marketing Cloud feature – Einstein Copy Insights

Write better Subject Lines with Einstein’s new feature

Marketers know how important it is to write the perfect subject line that will catch their audiences’ attention. The subject lines determines whether the message will get opened and the relevant object/offer delivered. Einstein Subject Line Optimization is testing, analyzing and updating email subject lines to increase the open rate of an email. It will help you identify elements of subject lines that the audience respond to the most.

With Einstein Copy Insights you can discover what words and phrases gets a positive respons from your audiences. Another really cool part of this feature is the grouping information under different emotion tones. In that way, you can see what words are around trust, surprise or joy and how those emotions will impact your open rate. Esintein Copy insights will also help you to fast optimise subject lines without having to test every change around the language. Summarising, the following factors will be analyzed for each subject line:

  • Language factors such as originality and character count
  • Emotional tone
  • Phrases that spark engagement
  • Frequently used phrases

Find Einstein Copy Insights by logging into to Marketing Cloud and hovering over Analytics Builder. From the landingpage, you will be able to see your unique number of subject lines, average open rate over the last 90 days and see how each subject lines performs based on the opens. Additionally, you will see Language Factor Insights, which will tell you the impacr of different factors. For instance, see how a question mark or CTA word affects open rate. Finally, you will discover the Emotional Tones, to see what emotions are being evoked from your subject lines.

This new feature will evolve and get updated so stay tuned for upgrades.

Email Subject Line – Best Practise

Before you start optimising your subject lines, you will have to practise on writing powerful phrases that will entice your readers to open your emails. Salesforce latest blog post reveals what to think about when writing the most important characters of your email.

Power of Einstein Analytics

Discover more about Einstein Analytics and see how you can optimise your campaigns and other marketing activities. Einstein will give you insights over what’s most relevant and impactful for your KPI, so you don’t have to spend hours on reports and analyses.

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